Supercharge your Coffee

Supercharge your Coffee

Jivita Lifestyler

Start your day with a coffee?

Me too! Why not supercharge it!

May give you that extra zing you’ve been looking for and not just for that morning spike, but all day long. Nourishing your gut bugs at the same time 😊 BOOYAH!

3 epic ways to power-up your coffee:

  • Collagen peptides (1tsp)
  • MCT Oil (dash)
  • Lion’s Mane (1/2 to a full tsp)

What magic can you hope for after adding these delights?

Collagen peptides:

  • Brilliant source of amino acids and protein – a whiz bang way to help build and repair connective tissue.
  • Feel a few wrinkles coming on? Collagen is your best friend. Helps to smooth out the skin.
  • Fun fact: collagen may be derived from beef or fish.
  • Serious fact: if your collagen is from beef, the cattle should have enjoyed the outdoors and sun. Look for grass-fed and preferably organic.
  • Yet another serious fact: If your collagen is from fish, the fish should have been swimming in the wild.
  • And the best thing – collagen is tasteless.

MCT Oil:

  • Natural fuel for your bod and brain – keeps your brain ticking over.
  • The fats from MCT oil are easily absorbed and provide a slow burning source of fuel.
  • So, your energy lasts for longer.
  • And, the coffee rush. What coffee rush?
  • The MCT oil slows the absorption of caffeine.
  • So, no more coffee jitters and high-energy peaks.
  • Just a level-headed you. 😊 Ready to dance all day.

Lion’s Mane:

  • What can we say? You can use any ‘shrooms in coffee, but lion’s mane is one of our favourites.
  • A powerful brain food to get your neural pathways firing.
  •  A sure-fire way to get you focused.
  • A boost to your immunity.
  • And there’s more. But that’s for another day – our blog on Lion’s Mane is on its way.
  • For now, try kick-starting your day with a little extra roar.

So, our secret is out.
Try one, two or three of these treats and let us know how you feel (or should we say thrive?)

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