Weleda Baby Organic All Purpose Balm Calendula 25g


Nourishes, soothes and protects baby’s skin.

Weleda Baby Calendula All Purpose Balm creates an instant natural protective shield against drying out of the skin in cold and harsh weather.

This on-the-go balm protects your baby’s skin against drying out in cold, windy, wet and harsh weather. It softens and intensely nourishes baby’s skin and soothes very dry skin patches, chapped skin on cheeks, chin and hands as well as dry lips. The All Purpose Balm helps to restore the skin’s own barrier function.
The 100 % natural water-free formula contains waxes, organic plant oils, organic cacao butter and extracts of organic Calendula and Millet.

Ideal in your nappy bag when out and about.

+87% agree: child has fewer problems with dry skin patches* *In use study, 60 subjects (babies/toddlers), application at least once daily for 4 weeks

92% agree: dry skin patches feel instantly soothed after use* *In use study, 37 subjects (adults), application at least once daily for 4 weeks

+90% agreed that dry lips feel instantly soothed after use* *In use study, 31 subjects (adults), application at least once daily for 4 weeks

+83% agree: balm reliably protects the child’s skin in harsh outdoor weather conditions (cold, rainy, windy//use on hands, face, lips)* *In use study, 46 subjects (babies/toddlers), application at least once daily for 4 weeks


~ Softens and intensively nourishes baby’s skin
~ Instantly relieves rough skin
~ Suitable for red cheeks and chin irritated by saliva while your baby is teething
~ Microbiome-friendly
~ Vegan
~ Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, water-free
~ Clinically and dermatologically proven, even on highly sensitive skin
~ Environmentally Friendly packaging - recyclable aluminium jar with a screw cap, inside a recyclable cardboard box made of at least 85% recycled fibres.

*Sunflower Seed Wax *Cocoa Seed Butter Candelilla Wax Carnauba Wax *Avocado Oil Sesame Seed Oil *Calendula Flower Extract *Millet Seed Extract Vitamin E
* represents organic ingredients

On-the-go nourishment for dry baby skin patches

Apply on dry patches, chapped or reddened skin. Use also as a protective shield against drying out on hands, cheeks, chin and lips. Suitable for babies and adults with sensitive skin.
Apply as often as necessary.

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