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We The Wild - Leaf Health Kit (with Gloves)

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Non-members: $69.99
Members price: $66.49 JOIN TO SAVE ($3.50) 5% Off

Clean and protect your leaves through all seasons!

Their popular Leaf Cleaning Gloves are combined with the best-selling Protect (with Neem) Value Pack to make leaves shiny, clean, and protected all year round.

Comes in a recyclable kraft mailer box.

Kit contains 1 pair of machine washable, adjustable leaf shine gloves, 1.25L Protect, empty 250mL Protect trigger bottle.


The Leaf Shine Gloves are made from microfibre and vegan leather.

The bestselling Protect spray is a potent, yet gentle formula that combines their microbial solution with 100% natural and organic ingredients. With botanical oils like Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Neem Oil, and more!

Protect Spray is certified by NASAA organic (5544M)

1. Fill the mister provided, shake and spray the tops and undersides of your leaves

2. Wipe the sprayed area, making sure to cover crevices close to the stem!

3. Repeat every fortnight, or more frequently if required

Are the gloves machine washable?
Yes! It's recommended washing with like colours, and only after a few uses.

Is it safe for pets?
These products have been independently tested and verified by the Animal Poisons Centre to be safe for pets under normal circumstances, however, you should store packages out of your pets’ reach.

Is this a pest spray?
These ingredients are multipurpose and used for lots of different leaf issues. Neem cannot be publicised as a pest ingredient in Australia.

How long will it last?
This is suitable for roughly 40+ plants for 2-3 months and can be used throughout the whole year.

What plants can I use it on?
Always ensure that your plant is well watered and out of bright or direct sunlight when spraying anything on leaves, including Protect Spray. Whilst Neem is used across the world in many horticultural settings, Australian legislation advises against the use of it on edible plants.
Does it help all leaf issues?
Protect will not help symptoms of over or underwatering. Drop us a message or DM if you need advice!
How should I store it?
Store it upright, under 30 degrees, and out of direct sunlight.