Twenty8 Neroli Nights Synergy Blend 10ml



A special floral blend to invigorate the senses, manifest creativity and awaken your intuition. Created with your greater good in mind this blend of neroli, lavendin, lavender, blackcurrant and ylang ylang is an ideal tonic that can help to release irrational fears and expand your capacity to love.

With its rather hypnotic aroma this relaxing and calming blend can help to soothe the nervous system and balance emotional roller coasters. It will strengthen the heart, create more peace and give you the courage to trust your inner voice. A beautiful blend to set powerful intentions and follow your true purpose.


Enjoying the pure authenticity and charisma of the founder, Kim Morrison, her products are a direct reflection of who she is.

Falling for the transparency and 6-star quality of this grounded brand, both Kirsty and Catherine love the aroma that is brought into their homes. The fragrance instantly transports them to an experience/blend of their choosing; Catherine’s pick is the ‘Inspire Me’ synergy blend, whilst Kirsty gets taken away with the ‘Romance and Intimacy’ although they enjoy mixing it up to match their moment.

Being a staple in both of their homes it is evident the huge benefits received, both physically and emotionally, from the contents of these unsuspecting little brown bottles. Whether it be in your home, workplace or car placing these liquid drops in your life is transformational.