Tassie Tallow

Tassie Tallow | Lard | Tasmanian Paddock-Bred | 500mL

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Non-members: $22.95
Members price: $20.66 JOIN TO SAVE ($2.29) 9% Off

Lard is a beautifully soft product. Slippery in texture and yielding an almost nutty aroma, lard is amazing to cook with, lending itself to being a great all-rounder for all your cooking.

Traditionally used as commonly as butter for a spread on bread; the industrial revolution made vegetable oils more affordable yet mass produced which left lard to the wayside. But Tassie Tallow are here to offer it as it once was, a wonderful companion to your dishes, whether that be on the stove-top sauteing veggies, deep-frying foods, or searing meat due to its high smoke point of 190 degrees. Or, oven-based cooking as lard can be used in baking for shortening!


Most importantly:
A great source of omega-6 fatty acids in the form of LA (Linoleic Acid) which is 1 of 2 essential fatty acids for humans, so get into it!
99% Unprocessed:
The spare 1% is the process of gently melting down the fat and refining it into a container.
Shelf life:
Approx. 6 months at room temperature.
Best kept in the fridge for a lifespan up to 12 months.

GROSS WEIGHT: Approx. 475g
NET WEIGHT: Approx. 448g