Salt of the Earth

SALT OF THE EARTH Wood Salt Box Acacia (Empty)


This beautiful Salt Box has been crafted from one solid piece of Acacia Wood without use of any glues or chemicals. An ideal way to store your Celtic Sea Salt and allow your salt to breathe.

Suitable to store all condiments and spices and compliment any kitchen.
With the attached magnetized swivel lid you never have to accidentally lose it or leave the salt exposed to food debris. It sits nicely on the counter with your other kitchen containers as it is space-conscious for its capacity, not to mention it’s visually flattering.

Made from one solid piece of Acacia Wood
Allows the salt to breathe
Magnetized swivel lid for easy access & refill
Capacity: Approximately 200g of Celtic Sea Salt
11.5cm x 11.5cm x 8cm

We recommend cleaning your your Salt Box with a warm soapy cloth, do not fully submerge in water prior to use. To enhance and maintain its beautiful appearance apply grapeseed oil to the timber.
Celtic Sea Salt sold separately