Sacred Taste

Sacred Taste - Ceremony - Ceremonial Cacao


Made with 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Heirloom Criollo Cacao Mass.

Deepen your spiritual experience and enhance your wellbeing with this Ceremonial Grade Cacao. This cacao is crafted with love, gratitude, and blessings that helps you calm the mind, relax the nervous system and open your heart to the medicine of Cacao.

Use Sacred Ceremony as part of your spiritual practice to improve wellbeing, enhance intuition and deepen your connection to Self, Spirit & Mother Nature!

~ Wild-crafted
~ Ethically Sourced
~ Regenerative Cacao


~ Calm the mind
~ Elevate mood
~ Enhance productivity
~ Relax the nervous system
~ Increase awareness
~ Deepen connection
~ Provide sustainable energy

~ 100% Organic Ingredients
~ Refined Sugar Free
~ Gluten-Free
~ Preservative Free
~ Dairy Free
~ Vegan