Nature's Shield

NATURE’S SHIELD Organic Black Seed Oil


Recommended by Hippocrates and used in Ancient Egypt, black seed oil is a traditional natural formula known for its skin nourishing moisturising properties.

Also it has been used in the traditional Indian ayurveda system for thousands of years years.

Nature’s Shield certified Organic Black Seed oil is stored in air-tight amber glass containers to preserve the product’s purity.

Great effort has been taken to ensure Nature's Shield black seed oil source is cold-pressed, premium grade and sustainable.


100 % Certified Organic Black seed(Nigella Sativa)Oil.

Q: I can see some deposit on the bottom of bottle, is this Normal?
A: As we know the black seed oil is a natural source of Omega Fatty acids ,any good quality unrefined Black seed oil may solidify at lower temperature . This simply shows the purity of the unrefined oil . Just warming the oil by dipping the bottle in medium hot water will make them disappear.

Q: How long can I use it on the skin?
A: Ideally leave it for half an hour and then washed off.

Skin care, Hair care , Massage.
Before applying externally try a skin patch test by rubbing 2mls of oil into the inner wrist and checking the response over twenty-four hours.