Lük Beautifood

Lük Beautifood Mouthwatering Colour-7 shades Tasting Plate


It can be challenging to buy on line when you can’t touch or feel the product.

Why not sample in the comfort of your own home?

Each Tasting Plate contains a full menu of the pretty Pinks & Red Lip Nourish in 6 sheer to medium coverage shades. You will be able to sample the exact product off little spoons using your own lip brush or finger.

Creme soft sheer colour feeds, hydrates and protects lips with with nutrient active ingredients for a healthy natural look.



100% natural, toxin free lipstick made from clean active foods to hydrate, nourish and protect lips whilst giving you a splash of sheer mouthwatering colour. Lip Nourish goes on with an incredibly soft, soothing texture that’s not too shiny or pigmented.
Lip Nourish is rich in antioxidants and omega 3 6 essential fatty acids to keep lips smoother, tastier and decidedly more beautiful with a non irritating, healthy, edible lipstick recipe.

For ingredient listing please go to each product.

We instantly fell in love with this STUNNING range of lip food. The smooth, delicious feel on your lips and the musical click as the lid is fitted back on to the stick, romanced us even further.

With 12 colours to choose from (plus two limited edition ones) you’ll be hard pressed not to find at least 6 shades you LOVE! Seriously!!!

They have created the very clever tasting palettes, so you can try them all before you buy. With a great price point and ingredients good enough to eat, literally 😉 it is a win-win all round.

We can’t really tell you are fav’s because we have so many. But …
Kirsty: chai shimmer and cranberry citrus.
Catherine: chai shimmer and nude pink