Jonny - Lovers Dozen condoms


Better to have and not need than need and not have, hence this sizable swag of Jonnies.

Throw a few in your bag, a few next to the bed, a few in your back-up stash and a couple more in your back-up back-up stash.



When we found out that many condoms are covered in cow’s dairy, we had an interesting mixture of reactions. We are sure you are feeling some of these reactions right now if this is the first time you are learning that condoms may be covered in casein.

“Not happy Jan”

Well, lucky for us all, the Jonny team have educated us and solved this dilemma. They have not only made being intimate less toxic (ticks all round), but we also love the little touches this company adds to their product. Jonny adds humour to their marketing and thoughtful addons to their condoms, such as a compostable pouch to put the used one in when you’re done.

Making and creating healthy conversation around sex and how to manage what goes in and out of your own body. Love it!