Eco Max

Eco Max Wire Caddy ~ Large

Non-members: $42.95
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Non-members: $42.95
Members price: $32.21 JOIN TO SAVE ($10.74) 25% Off

Collect your ECOMAX dish brushes in one easy to access vintage inspired caddy. Hang over your double sink to let your brushes drip dry between uses.

Marrying centuries old workmanship with functional design, this piece is lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans in India.

Proudly plastic free and zero waste for all your planet friendly household needs.


Why use a metal soap caddy?

Plastic free – reuse, upcycle or recycle at the end of its life
Long-lasting – galvanised metal will not rust over time
Ethically Sourced – supporting artisans in India
Recyclable – Iron loses no quality during recycling and can be recycled endlessly
Because You Care – to support a transparent and equitable supply chain

Simply wipe over with a wet cloth when needed

Height: 13cm
Width: 21cm
Depth: 14cm

Please note that as these are a handmade product there may be slight variation in sizing

Galvanised iron

We rejoiced on the find of this beautiful company. Providing an incredible alternative to the green kitchen scrub we all know and have had sitting next to our sink. Unlike its inferior counterpart, their scrubbers are one of our favourite items in our kitchen. They actually work and do not need to be thrown out after one or two uses.

These beauties get all the spots you think will be a challenge with ease, as well as lasting for around twelve months AND they don’t smell! Seriously! Being made from coconut fibres, which have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, there are no chemicals used here to keep the mould and grim away. You can spruce them up by popping them in the dishwasher and once you’re done, they compost in your garden in 6 months, leaving only the wire behind (which can be recycled)!

The brushes are handmade in Sri Lanka by a small family run company, that employees mainly underprivileged local women. This company have put aside extra finances and time to negotiate with the government to help these women relocate from their flood prone homes.

These are must haves for both Kirsty and Catherine! Kitchen game changers!!!!