Eco Art & Craft

Eco Art & Craft – FIZZ and Paint Kit


Sensory play, potions, painting and science experiments

The Eco Fizz and Paint Kit have been designed to offer days of open-ended play: sensory play, painting and science experiments.

The fizz powder can be coloured with the natural eco paints. Just add water and a sprinkle of glitter and be mesmerised by the sparkly rainbow fizz. The Eco Fizz and Paint kit encourages open-ended, creative play with plenty of paint powder for other art and craft activities.

The kit contains:

🧪 250g Fizz Powder

🎨 Natural Eco Paints 3 x 50g powdered paint tubes – blue, red, and yellow

✨ Sachet of Bioglitter®

🖌 Pipette, paint brush and spoons

📄 Instructions and Colour Mixing Guide

The Eco Art and Craft difference: no paraffin, no palm oil, no beeswax, no mined micas or clays, no synthetic colours, 100% GLUTEN FREE and Vegan
The fizzy powder is NOT coloured. Adult supervision is essential. Consumption is not recommended. Contains citric acid and bicarbonate soda. Not recommended for children under 3 years. GLUTEN FREE.


no paraffin, no palm oil, no beeswax, no mined micas or clays, no synthetic colours, 100% GLUTEN FREE and Vegan


My name is Naomi Parsons, I am the woman behind the Eco Crayons brand. I am a mum, a teacher, a business owner and a creative soul. My vision for 100% plant based and truly non-toxic crayons and art mediums was born whilst watching my daughter, Arleena, and my students chew on crayons and other drawing tools from a young age, often with synthetic colours leeching, staining their skin and causing irritation. This was the birth of eco crayons.

I began researching what was in commercial non-toxic art products. The use of pigments containing heavy metals, paraffin (from petroleum), synthetic oxides and micas, plastics and asbestos particles alarmed me. As a parent and a teacher I want to know that the children in my circles are using safe art mediums to draw, paint, and explore.

Here is when the endless nights of reading and experimenting began. I can now, because of my passion for the experimentation process and ‘perfecting’ formulas and belief in myself, offer an eco-friendly alternative. One that I am happy to let my daughter chew! Watch this space for the full range of eco friendly, 100% plant based, non-toxic art mediums to be released.