Earth Star Collective

Earth Star Collective Heavenly Healer Pain Roller


With magnesium, arnica and turmeric.

An anti inflammatory, topical elixir for injuries, sore muscles, pain and inflammation. Handmade with love, intention and everything 100% natural.

These herbs, flowers, oils and minerals are blended for their powerful healing abilities. Turmeric and frankincense bring forth their potent anti inflammatory properties, while ginger, wintergreen and peppermint warm then cool achy muscles, soothe and promote blood flow and circulation. Lavender calms and encourages healing. Eucalyptus, black spruce and copaiba balsam have been revered by indigenous cultures for centuries for their analgesic properties, reducing pain in joints and muscles. Arnica reduces inflammation and swelling and is especially helpful for injuries.

Remember...we are nature, and nature heals <3


Fractionated coconut oil, magnesium chloride, arnica infused oil, essential oils of frankincense, turmeric, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, wintergreen, black spruce, ginger + copaiba balsam.

Shake well to blend natural ingredients. Apply the roller liberally onto your area of concern and massage deeply into your skin until the oil is absorbed. Reapply as often as needed.

Avoid contact with light coloured clothing to prevent stains. Do not use on open wounds.

Size: 30ml

This gorgeous brand couldn’t have come at a better time for Kirsty. Having not used chemical perfumes for many years she was starting to miss having fragrances to play with. In the same week she put feelers out for all-natural options (that didn’t smell like a candle or a fire), Earth Star’s owner Dani Grey came to her rescue.

Coming into the gym where they knew each other Dani, ingeniously and intuitively gifted Kirsty one of her gorgeous perfumes. Kirsty and Catherine now enjoy the full Earth Star Collective range.

Dani infuses each perfume with an energetically matched crystal and sends them off with love after being doused with reiki.

Thank you so much for sharing this creation with us Dani, you ROCK!