Block Blue Light Red Plug In Night Light

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Non-members: $34.95
Members price: $31.11 JOIN TO SAVE ($3.84) 10% Off
The Red Plugin Night Light offers an ideal solution for promoting peaceful sleep while providing just the right amount of gentle illumination to navigate and see in a darkened room. It strikes the perfect balance, ensuring the environment remains calming and does not overly stimulate, thus supporting restfulness.

This versatile night light is particularly well-suited for various scenarios, including helping children who have a fear of darkness, aiding nursing mothers during nighttime feedings, or facilitating late-night bathroom visits. Notably, it emits 100% blue and green light-free illumination for an even more soothing and sleep-friendly experience

Red Plug-In Night Light for Sleep

Upgrade your sleep environment with our Red Plug-In Night Light designed to promote a restful night's sleep. This innovative night light is engineered to eliminate harmful blue light after sunset, enhancing your sleep quality.

Red Night Light Key Features:

Blue Light-Free Technology: This Red Night Light is your solution to banishing blue light completely. Each package includes two energy-efficient LED bulbs that emit zero blue light. Say goodbye to blue light disturbances.

Convenient Plug-and-Play: These red plugin night lights are easy to use, plugging directly into your wall socket. With a built-in on/off switch, you can leave them plugged in, providing a consistent sleep-friendly glow.

Versatile Illumination: Use these red night lights throughout your home to navigate and see with ease during the evening. Whether it's your baby's nursery, your child's bedroom, or any dark hallway, our night lights offer the perfect, gentle illumination.

Seamless Nighttime Routines: Need to make a late-night trip to the bathroom without disrupting your sleep? This red light night light has you covered. Enjoy just the right amount of illumination to see without being jolted awake, allowing you to return to a deep, uninterrupted slumber.

Complete Package: In each single pack, you'll receive:
1 x wall socket nightlight lamp with a convenient on/off switch (NZ/AUS Plug)
2x LED red light bulbs, with one spare bulb included
If you're seeking more comprehensive lighting solutions for your home with zero blue light, explore our range of SweetDreams Sleep Enhancing Light Bulbs.

Transform your sleep environment and banish blue light disturbances with our Red Plug-In Night Light for Sleep. Order yours today and embrace the soothing power of red light for a night of undisturbed rest.

~ Nightlight socket + 2 Red LED light bulbs
~ LED red lights are super energy efficient
~ Bulbs are E14 C7 screw type
~ Power: 0.5W, 40 Lumens
~ Nightlight socket is SAA approved with a E14 socket for ~ ~ 220-240V wall sockets (AU/NZ plug)
~ On/off switch on the front of the light socket
~ Zero harmful blue light production