Yandina Apotheca

Yandina Apotheca - Remedy - Echinacea & Ginger Organic Tea Loose Leaf 120g


Change the game with this brew.

Remedy is such a special tea, not just for a common cold or flu. It is also a potent mastitis prevention and treatment featuring certified organic echinacea augustifolia (not found in other tea we can guarantee) as well as purpurea leaf and flower. Augustifolia is a difficult variety to cultivate and it is the one that the root holds the most medicine.

There are large amounts of echinacea in this tea and balance the flavour with just as much ginger. The big ginger bang also makes this brew amazing for morning/night sickness (if ginger works for you) and an unsettled tummy. When steeped to perfection, the tea will leave your tongue tingling which is a sign the echinacea is working its wonders.

Spearmint leaf brings a lovely refreshing flavour to such a powerful medicinal tea. 

Only 10 at a time is created using only her own organic calendula petal grown at Yandina.

A non-negotiable addition to a natural medicine cabinet.