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We The Wild - Proud Plant Mum Essentials Kit

Non-members: $44.95
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Non-members: $44.95
Members price: $42.70 JOIN TO SAVE ($2.25) 5% Off

Spoil the proudest plant mum you know!

Grab this limited edition kit, packed with the Essential trio that'll give plants all the goodness they need and none of the guesswork.

Perfect for a new plant mum or an enthusiastic green-thumb. Includes: Grow 150mL, Protect 250mL, Support 250g.


Grow Concentrate: full of microbes, hormones and enzymes to stimulate growth.

Protect Spray: Neem is combined with a special microbial blend to tackle even the trickiest issue.

Support Pellets: made from worms, it's the perfect root and soil builder.

Grow Concentrate: Shake well and squirt into your watering can. Then pour it onto the soil and let the plants drink up! Water fortnightly, or with every second drink.

Protect Spray: Shake and spray on both sides of the leaves every 2 weeks or more often if there's an active issue.

Support Pellets: Scoop 1-2 tbsp per plant, and dig into the top soil every 2 months or use when repotting.

Can all products be used together?
Yes! These products work well by themselves, but better together, all year round!

Are they safe for pets?
All these products have been deemed safe by Animal Toxicologists.