Tsuno - Panty liners

Non-members: $6.25
Members price: $5.63 JOIN TO SAVE ($0.62) 9% Off
Non-members: $6.25
Members price: $5.63 JOIN TO SAVE ($0.62) 9% Off


  • Suitable for everyday use
  • 20 liners per box
  • Ultra thin
  • 50% of profits donated to One Girl
  • Made from natural bamboo and corn fibre
  • Chlorine and dioxin bleach free
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Individually wrapped in biodegradable plastic

Artwork designed by Natalie Byrne.

Who wants chemicals in their vagina? NOT ME!

Ladies, we have it tough enough keeping our hormones in balance; without adding a dash of glyphosate, rayon, chlorine and other toxic chemicals into our beautiful bodies. I am the emoji with my arms crossed in front of my body right now!

Tsuno have the answers to all of our monthly needs. No toxins; organic tampons and pads in all shapes and sizes. They add gorgeous touches of different local artwork on each box and support the courageous charity ‘One Girl.’

This is a simple, easy and big bang switch for all of us ladies