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Synergy Natural Organic Spirulina Tablets

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Non-members: $16.95
Members price: $15.59 JOIN TO SAVE ($1.36) 8% Off

Naturopath’s Tip - "The best energising wholefood supplement to take for fatigue and low iron. Great nutrition for Vegetarians – high B12 levels".

On a weight for weight basis Spirulina is nature’s richest and most complete source of nutrition. This green superfood containing over 100 synergistic nutrients comes from a microscopic freshwater plant, ecologically grown without chemicals and concentrated by removing nothing but the water. Spirulina is widely used throughout the world as a food supplement for maintaining health, energy and optimum weight.


~ Nature’s richest source of protein (65% of it’s weight), 300% more than fish, meat or poultry (but with zero cholesterol).
~ 58x richer in iron than spinach. A natural non-toxic easily absorbed source. n A Rich wholefood source of anti-oxidants (25x richer in beta-carotene than carrot).
~ 2x richer in chlorophyll than alfalfa, barleygrass or wheatgrass.
~ A highly concentrated source of essential fatty acids (EFA’s). n Spirulina may be used as part of a weight management program. If taken 30-45mins before meals, it induces a “less hungry” feeling whilst still supplying a broad range of nutrients.
~ As an unrefined whole food, spirulina is absorbed up to 16x more effectively than synthetic multivitamin supplements.

100% pure, highest quality, certified organic Spirulina. No fillers or additives. To preserve nutrient and enzyme content, each bottle is nitrogen flushed to eliminate oxygen.

Synergy Natural is an Australian company that uses organic ingredients to make super greens. This is an ethical organisation that strives to do the right thing for both people and the planet. Their values are all about humanity, care and compassion. They aim to produce top quality organic products that are 100% pure (ensuring that the water where the greens are grown are clean and pollution free). They even use recyclable plastic which acts as a barrier to light rather than glass which may reduce its shelf life.

With everything that our magical bodies go through, who couldn’t use a helping hand with detoxification?

At Jivita, we love the green chlorella tablets. Synergy Natural have put this green chlorella treat into tablet form, which for us was a delight. Having taken chlorella for years in a powder form, our taste buds were over the moon!

Why do we take it? This single celled fresh water plant is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; making great head way to keeping our cells the best they can be. Emerging research is showing that it can help shuttle toxins out of your body, it is a highly nutritious wholefood supplement, it is a source of calcium and dietary iron, it boosts the immune system among many other benefits.

Consumption can vary with activity levels, state of health & age. Start-up: 2-4 tablets per day for one week. Maintenance: 6 tablets per day. Optimum: 6 tablets 3 times daily. Best taken at or after meals with plenty of fluid. As part of a natural weight management program, consume 30-45 minutes before meals. You can take Spirulina with every meal or once a day. Perfect as a broad spectrum green superfood when mixed with Synergy Chlorella. EU Food Supplements Regulations requires the caution “Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.”