OrganiWipes Period Cup Wipes 10/pk

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Non-members: $9.95
Members price: $9.15 JOIN TO SAVE ($0.80) 8% Off

OrganiWipes provide a convenient way to clean your menstrual cup when using public bathrooms, going out, travelling, or anywhere that clean water is not easily accessible.


OrganiWipes offer a convenient option for cleaning your menstrual while out and about or in situations where clean water is not available.

OrganiWipes Features:

Perfume free
Vegan certified
Allergy certified
Each wipe measures 15cm x 14cm and comes individually wrapped
10 x wipes per box
Contains 90% Alcohol Denat., 10% Aqua

Wipes are designed for occasional use on a menstrual cup. For regular washing, it is recommended to use a specially formulated menstural cup wipes.

These are actually the best things EVER!!!! Girls let’s go on a little day trip…. You have your monthly cycle come to visit you but you’re out all day in meetings and catching up with people. You know your flow is particularly heavy in the first day or so, now you’re going to need to pause and rearrange your day to ensure you can be near a bathroom at all times. NOT ANYMORE!!!!

Not only do you only ever have to buy one!!! YEP JUST ONE! In addition to this sweet piece of info, this magic cup holds up to four tampons worth. Me and my full day just did a dance.

The organicup is life changing. I do not say this lightly.

Be warned however, this is not a tampon – do not push it up as far. You want the tip of the base of the cup to be felt if you push with a flat hand gently on the outside of your vagina.

Handy cleansers and wipes – just to add a cherry on the top of this already amazing dessert!!!!

Life changing!