Alexx Stuart

Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart

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Non-members: $30.00
Members price: $24.95 JOIN TO SAVE ($5.05) 16% Off

 Inside Low Tox Life, you’ll discover (among other things!):

  • How to actually make changes successfully instead of wanting to but ‘never getting round to it’.
  • The most powerful things you can change in your day to day for your health and the planet’s health.
  • Scientific research that suggests caution around some of the chemicals used in many everyday brands today and the loopholes that allow them in there in the first place.
  • DIY recipes from a non DIY’er - meaning, SUPER SIMPLE STUFF!
  • How to cut through the food noise and eat simply and deliciously
  • Real Food Recipes divided into a couple of delicious feasts and the ultimate care package
  • How to go low-plastic in a high plastic world
  • How to clean without a hit of harmful toxins
  • How to recognise endocrine-disruptors in beauty products and avoid them
  • How to develop a deeply sustainable relationship with clothing
  • How to cultivate a low tox mind - chilled, mindful, joyous, non judgemental and powerful


    I think of myself as a gentle activist and educator who founded the Low Tox Life as a community hub for positive, delicious change for people and planet. I’m a TedX speaker, an Amazon Best Selling author, and I do love a good chat in front of audiences wanting to be motivated into all areas of living a low tox life - from corporates to conferences to schools to the local library! I want to offer REAL support to real people with their health and sustainability goals. I want to help people want to (not *have* to), make the changes they seek to make. Healthier people healthier planet = the holy grail of wellness don’t you think?


    Loving this all you can eat book on everything magical in the low tox world. Whether it is advice on where to start your low tox journey or recipes on homemade household sprays, face masks or treats for the home, this book has you covered.

    The author, Alex Stuart is making waves; creating an inspirational example of how you can be vibrant, healthy and feel more connected not only to yourself, but also to your tribe and Mother Earth.

    Great gift or staple on the shelf for all.