Little Mashies

LITTLE MASHIES Reusable Squeeze Pouch 2x130ml


The Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouch is a high quality, reusable food pouch featuring cute Mashies Monsters that the kids will love.

The curved, easy-to-clean shape contains no corners or gussets, has a double, 11cm anti-leak ziplock that makes the pouch easy to fill, and is incredibly strong.

Designed to make it easy and convenient to give children healthy, nutritious food when they're away from home, the Little Mashies Food Pouch is great for home-made yoghurt, pureed food, thick smoothies, chia puddings, ice-cream, and for storing baby food.

Made from Recyclable material that is BPA Free, Pthalate Free, PVC Free and Lead Free.


Ditching single use plastics, Little Mashies have created fun, reusables for kids. Allowing us to continue the journey towards ditching disposable plastics, for good!

Beautiful colours, easily washable and frozen-able… Talisha, the founder, continues to bring such delight.

Talisha was diagnosed with a severe illness. As a single mum she went about researching and coming back to a simple, high-vibrational diet – drastically minimising the consumption of chemicals. Having many “up and down” moments, she has profoundly managed to keep her body and heart strong, with the consistant nourishment of her body, heart and mind.

We are profoundly proud to have her products on our team and look forward to bringing you the whole range.