Kale Brock

Kale Brock: The Art of Probiotic Nutrition


The Art of Probiotic Nutrition; Mastering Fermented Foods for Better Digestion, Weight Control, Immunity & Longevity.

This is a complete fermented food bible and includes chapters on Kombucha, Kefir & Cultured Vegetables. In a beautifully designed and photographed spread they give readers absolute confidence in their fermented creations!

The Art of Probiotic Nutrition Recipe Book is designed to give you the know-how & confidence to create all manner of fermented foods for you and the family! From kombucha, kefir & nut-cheese to kimchi, Sri-Lankan curry ferments and cashew aioli, this book is filled with delicious, healthy probiotic-filled recipes.

Throughout the book, readers are given insights into the latest scientific research into the Microbiome and how this can impact the health of all of us!

You’ll feel empowered and confident in creating natural, powerful, therapeutic foods within your own kitchen for the whole family to enjoy!


When you think of your A team, this guy really needs to be included. Undeniably a generous old soul, Kale Brock has explored his heart and the world of what truly goes into making this life worth living.

To bring to you Kale’s creations is an honour. These books will enrich yours and your loved one’s lives. We cannot wait to bask in what this fun-filled, light-seeker brings to the world next.