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Global Organics Mustard Strong Dijon Organic 200g


Indulge in the smooth and delightfully full-flavored experience of Global Organics Strong Dijon Mustard.

Perfect for culinary endeavors, whether it's enhancing sauces, elevating salad dressings, or simply enjoyed on its own! Dijon mustard, with its mild and creamy texture, embodies the traditional French style, making it incredibly versatile. It's not just a condiment; it's a culinary essential that adds richness to a multitude of dishes.

This mustard has the power to thicken dressings, impart zest to sauces and marinades, and infuse savoury delights like stews and soups with layers of flavour.

From adding a dollop to dips and coleslaw to incorporating it into marinades or tossing veggies in a mixture of mustard and maple before roasting, its applications are endless. And let's not forget its role as the perfect accompaniment to a sizzling snag fresh from the barbie.


Whole Mustard Seeds (31.25%)*, Vinegar*, Water, Sea Salt.

*Certified Organic.

Global Organics Strong Dijon Mustard is sourced from France and comes in a 200g glass jar. Global Organics Strong Dijon Mustard is certified organic, GMO free and contains no flavour enhancers, modified starches or animal products.