Gevity RX Bone Broth Body Glue - Curry 390g


 🌿 Revitalise with Natural Detox and Joint Support 🌿

Detox naturally with the cleansing power of coriander, while supporting joint health with anti-inflammatory turmeric. Enjoy every flavourful bite as you heal your gut and nourish your body.

This punchy Bone Broth delivers deliciously spicy aromatics and flavours, packed with nutrients to aid your body's repair process.


This Body Glue (aka Bone Broth Concentrate) is a tasty, convenient and highly nutritious addition to your health regime. Designed for athletes, trainers or just about anyone seeking better wellbeing, our Body Glue offers a complete range of health and wellness benefits that are beneficial to the whole family. Designed to be easy to incorporate into your everyday meal preparation, we’ve made sure not to skimp on flavour so nourishing your body is not only easy, but delicious too!

This Bone Broth Body Glue is rich in gelatin, a collagen derivative that can be highly beneficial for supporting overall gut health.

They want everyone to be able to enjoy our performance-boosting Bone Broth Body Glue range, so they’ve specifically developed a formulation that is free of dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar and preservatives.

Australian Grass-Fed Beef Bones, Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt*, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chilli, Pepper, Cloves

*Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt is the traditional natural way to extract maximum nutrients from the bones whilst also preserving the product.

Curry Bone Broth is perfect as a quick and easy marinade or to add flavour to your favourite stir-fry’s, red meat dishes and of course, curries. It can also be enjoyed as a hot drink during the cooler months.

To enjoy in cooking: Add one teaspoon per cup of hot water as an alternative to stock or stir directly into the bowl, pan or pot. Season as desired according to individual recipes and serve as you would normally.

To enjoy hot: Add one teaspoon to a cup of hot water and stir well.

Bone broth can be an incredible healing tool. Utilising otherwise thrown out parts of the animal to create a nutrient dense golden elixir. Mark cooked-up Gevity (previously Meadow and Marrow) after he experienced positive health benefits for himself and his loved ones from his own homemade broths.

All foods, even organic ones, are not necessarily created equal. Gevity (previously Meadow and Marrow) have looked at every twist and turn to ensure that their products are the highest quality possible. Using only 100% grass fed and finished cattle from the beautiful Darling Downs Region, they ensure that all bones used are hormone and antibiotic free.

They were armed with the knowledge that it is only the nutrients from the bones that heal the gut and realised that many other broths on the market contain ingredients that prevent optimal absorption. They worked on purifying and concentrating their formula and now, they are proud owners of a proven recipe, that is the most advanced and nutrient dense bone broth in the world. Their broths have 10 x more collagen based amino acids & 16 x more healthy fats per gram compared to traditional broths.

You’ll find both Kirsty and Catherine diving into the A.M. cleanse as their current fav although I’m sure this will change. A brilliant range!