Ecyo Almond & Vanilla Hand Soap Starter Pack

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Zero Waste Soap Refills

Almond and Vanilla

These gentle foaming soap refills dissolve in 1 minute to make three luscious non-drying foaming soaps. They smell divine!

Scented with essential oils. Pick up the warm sweet aroma of almond and vanilla or both!

Starter Pack Includes:

Three refill pods: makes 3 x 300ml bottles of foaming soap
Recycled Bottle and Pump: 1 x 300ml foaming pump bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

Why ecyo foaming soap refills?

Reduce plastic waste
Super foamy and non-drying
Easy and small to store refill
Dissolves quickly, no need to wait
Non toxic, gentle plant based formula
Concentrated without water = less to ship/ lower carbon
Cylinder is made from recycled card and is compostable and recyclable.

0% Waste / 100% Luscious foamy goodness

Plastic Free
Grey Water Safe
Septic Safe
Palm Oil Free
No Phosphates.

Coconut fatty acid esters, coconut fatty acid monoethanolamine, water, propylene glycol, citrus nobilis peel oil (mandarin), phenoxyethanol, citrus bergamia peel oil (bergamot).

Developed in Australia by ourselves and our Dad and made in our family owned factory in a lovely ethical factory in China.

1. Place one pod in a clean empty foam pump bottle 300ml in size.
2. Fill half the bottle with hot tap water and gently swirl until mostly dissolved.
3. Fill the rest of the bottle with cool water. Once dissovled secure the foam pump.
Use and enjoy the foamy goodness!

Please keep the spare pods in a dry place with the cylinder lid on so it is airtight.