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Eco Art & Craft – SLIME Kit



Kids love slime, what else can I say! This slime kit is sensational – gluten free, plastic free, no nasty chemicals or compounds…just loads of ooey gooey fun!

Kids also feel like they are cooking when they are involved in making their slime because they measure and mix, making the play so much more satisfying.

The kit contains:

🧪 1 x 50g sachet of slime powder

🎨 3 x 20g plant-based powdered paint: blue, red and yellow

🖌 Paint brush and spoon

📄 Instructions and a colour mixing guide

The slime powder can also be mixed with natural eco paints and water to make a sensory gloop, perfect for small world play – think dinosaur swamps, quicksand or a swimming pool.

Each kit makes up to 1L of slime and there should be some natural eco paints left over for some colourful paintings.

Cooktop and Microwave cooking instructions included. Taste safe but we do not recommend you eat it. Product and packaging are compostable.

Kit is not suitable for 0-3 years due to small parts – the paint and slime powder are safe from children under 3 years. Adult supervision is required. Gluten Free. Borax Free.



My name is Naomi Parsons, I am the woman behind the Eco Crayons brand. I am a mum, a teacher, a business owner and a creative soul. My vision for 100% plant based and truly non-toxic crayons and art mediums was born whilst watching my daughter, Arleena, and my students chew on crayons and other drawing tools from a young age, often with synthetic colours leeching, staining their skin and causing irritation. This was the birth of eco crayons.

I began researching what was in commercial non-toxic art products. The use of pigments containing heavy metals, paraffin (from petroleum), synthetic oxides and micas, plastics and asbestos particles alarmed me. As a parent and a teacher I want to know that the children in my circles are using safe art mediums to draw, paint, and explore.

Here is when the endless nights of reading and experimenting began. I can now, because of my passion for the experimentation process and ‘perfecting’ formulas and belief in myself, offer an eco-friendly alternative. One that I am happy to let my daughter chew! Watch this space for the full range of eco friendly, 100% plant based, non-toxic art mediums to be released.