Earth Star Collective

Earth Star Collective – OF THE LIGHT - Essential Oil Perfume 100ml


A purifying protective blend of:

  • frankincense

  • sage

  • lime

  • peppermint

  • black tourmaline crystal

to heal your space and energy.

Try this beautiful smokeless twist on traditional Native American "smudging".



Frankincense: The powerful vibrational properties of this sacred resin purifies mind and body and acts as psychic protection. It is exceptional for enhancing intuition, grounding and spiritual connection in and out of meditation.

Sage: Through its antiseptic nature and ability to release negative ions into the air, sage purifies and cleanses on both the physical and energetic level. It has been used for thousands of years to creates a safe and positive environment for meditation, rituals and intention setting by ridding a space of unwanted energy and discarnate spirits.

Peppermint: Peppermint eases tension and anxiety, creating a calming environment for focus or relaxation.

Lime: The humble lime has been used by tribal cultures for millennia for aura cleansing and to absorb negative energy around the home.

Black Tourmaline: A fierce stone of energy protection and purification, black tourmaline is also an amazing absorber of electromagnetic radiation and environmental pollutants. It is powerfully connected to the root chakra, keeping you feeling grounded and safe.


Purified water, sugar cane alcohol*, vegetable glycerin*, pure essential oils, jojoba oil, black tourmaline crystal chips, Reiki energy, love & intention. *certified organic ingredients

Spray liberally around the body, through the aura and around any room or space you wish to cleanse.

You may like to enhance this energy cleansing by setting an intention to fill the newly cleansed space with light, love and peace, or any other high vibration you wish to experience.

This gorgeous brand couldn’t have come at a better time for Kirsty. Having not used chemical perfumes for many years she was starting to miss having fragrances to play with. In the same week she put feelers out for all-natural options (that didn’t smell like a candle or a fire), Earth Star’s owner Dani Grey came to her rescue.

Coming into the gym where they knew each other Dani, ingeniously and intuitively gifted Kirsty one of her gorgeous perfumes. Kirsty and Catherine now enjoy the full Earth Star Collective range.

Dani infuses each perfume with an energetically matched crystal and sends them off with love after being doused with reiki.

Thank you so much for sharing this creation with us Dani, you ROCK!