Daylesford Apothecary

Daylesford Apothecary Black Tourmaline Face & Body Spray


Cleanse your chakras and protect your aura from negative energies with the forcefield energy of Daylesford Apothecary Black tourmaline. Imbued in the floral water of Clary sage, a wondrous nerve tonic and energy soothing herb, the energy cleansing Black Tourmaline crystal is perfectly matched.

Spritz this beautiful mist over your face and body to reap the cleansing benefits or create a deeper practice by visualising the release of negative energies as the mist settles and lightness fills your aura.

A true act of magic.


Clary Sage Floral Water, Black Tourmaline Crystals

A magical and medicinal place.

The energy that is felt from these gorgeous products is palpable. The love and knowledge that goes into each one is like a wise grandma’s hug. Supportive, safe and where you go when you need to fill up your cup.

Wanting to expand or create a natural medicine and remedy cabinet? These are fantastic, must-have additions. Bree Melotte, the founder and a naturopath has brought to life conscious, effective and heart felt products to share with you.