Cymbiotika Metabolic Health

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🔥💪 Rev Up Your Metabolism with Metabolic Health! 💪🔥

Ready to ignite your body's fat-burning furnace and achieve your wellness goals? Introducing Metabolic Health – your secret weapon for enhanced fat metabolism and appetite control!

Researched for its potent fat-burning properties, Metabolic Health is designed to support your body's natural ability to metabolize fat, helping you achieve a leaner, healthier physique.

Here's how Metabolic Health can supercharge your metabolism:

🔥 Enhanced Fat Metabolism: Experience a boost in your body's ability to burn fat as fuel, thanks to Metabolic Health's carefully curated blend of metabolism-boosting ingredients.

🍽️ Supports Appetite Control: Say goodbye to pesky cravings and hello to appetite control with Metabolic Health's ability to help regulate hunger signals and promote satiety.

Modulates Fat Oxidation: Optimize your body's fat-burning potential with Metabolic Health's unique ability to modulate fat oxidation, ensuring that you're efficiently converting stored fat into usable energy.

PRO-TIP: Unlock the full potential of your metabolism by pairing Metabolic Health with Cymbiotika’s Shilajit Black Gold. Together, they'll unleash a synergistic effect that maximizes mineral utilization and supercharges your metabolic engine!

Don't let a sluggish metabolism hold you back – kickstart your fat-burning journey with Metabolic Health and unleash your body's full potential! 💥🌿


This health enhancing formulation is the result of significant research and development into the pathways responsible for advanced metabolic function, and represents the most comprehensive and thoughtful approach to down-regulating appetite, enhancing satiety, and optimising fat modulation.

Vitamin D3 (as PhytoSure®-O.C.® PurePlantD3® Organic Vegan Cholecalciferol), Vitamin B1 (as NutraAssure® Thiamine Mononitrate), Vitamin B3 (as NutraAssure® Nicotinic Acid), Chromium (as NutraAssure® Chromium Picolinate), Oleoylethanolamide (as PhytoSure® Ultra-Micron OEA), Fountain Bush [as PhytoSure® Psoralea (Seed) Conc. Ext.], Epigallocatechin Gallate (as PhytoSure® EGCG), Huperzine-A (as PhytoSure® Huperzine-A), Cymbiotika® Metabolic Enhancement Co-Complexed Blend (Proprietary), Organic Green Tea [as PhytoSure®O.C.® Green Tea (Leaf) Conc. Ext.], Cinnamon [as PhytoSure® Cinnamon (Bark) Conc. Ext.], R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (as NutraAssure® PhytoSure® Black Cumin (Seed) Conc. Ext.]

Other Ingredients: PurePlantCap®-O.C.® (Organic Vegetarian Pullman Capsule), OrganoPlex® Complex (Organic Pomegranate Fruit Concentrated Cold-Pressed Juice Powder, Organic Beet Root Concentrated Cold-Pressed Juice Powder, Conc. Vanilla Ext.), Organic Gum Arabic, Vegetable Short Chain Fatty Acid Wax, Organic Cassaca Root Starch, Nu-FLOW® (Organic Rice Hull Concentrate)

Suggested Use: Adults, take two (2) capsules, daily, with water or juice as a dietary supplement, approximately thirty (30) minutes before your largest meal of the day, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

*To be used as directed by your healthcare provider or physician.
Disclaimer: If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or have a chronic medical condition, such as, diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist before purchasing or taking any supplement.