Brush It On

Brush it On Reusable Safety Razor

Non-members: $34.95
Members price: $26.21 JOIN TO SAVE ($8.74) 25% Off
Non-members: $34.95
Members price: $26.21 JOIN TO SAVE ($8.74) 25% Off
This sleek safety razor is a great way to reduce your plastic waste whilst saving money on replacement blades or disposable razors. Enjoy a close, gentle shave without contributing to the landfill! Made from brass and zinc alloy, the double edge safety razor is a super easy to use sustainable alternative that will last you a lifetime.

Three Piece System: twist the head off the handle, carefully remove the blunt blade, place the blade between the two holders

Included in the pack: 5 Replacement Blades (approx. 70 shaves)

Colour available: Rose Gold

How to use:

Shave in short, gentle strokes without applying pressure.
Use with shaving cream or a shave bar.
The blade is double-sided and you can expect to get about 6-7 shaves per side.
Store outside of the shower.
Store the blades in a jar. Once filled, contact your local council regarding sharps and metal recycling.