Brush It On

Brush It On Konjac Sponge



These Konjac sponges are the perfect way to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin and stimulate blood flow in a natural way. The sponge is made with Japanese Konjac Potato Fibre, making it vegan, sustainable and compostable!

In Japan, these sponges have been used for centuries as a beauty tool. They are rich in wonderfully revitalising minerals and are pH neutral, which means they protect your complexion by balancing the acidity of your skin. The sponge is initially hard but softens when soaked in water and then is a very gentle cleanser for the face and body.



Soak the sponge before use and squeeze a few times until soft
Use with water or a small amount of cleanser
Gently massage the sponge into the skin in circular motions buffing away dead skin cells
Rinse sponge after use and hang to dry
Replace every 3 months
Compost the sponge at the end of its life

This beaut’ company wanted to create conscious choices for you and your family, without the need for massive shifts in your lifestyle. They have successfully done just that.

We fell in love with their evident playful nature. Bringing colour and joy into their products and everything they do.

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Enjoy, have fun and connect with these products, feeling their joy throughout your day.