Blue Dinosaur

Blue Dinosaur Hand-Baked Bar Cheesecake Base 45g

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Non-members: $3.95
Members price: $3.75 JOIN TO SAVE ($0.20) 5% Off

Yes, it is a strange name, but it's also very accurate. Roast cashew butter combined with dates, coconut, and salt create a bar which tastes exactly like the warm, biscuity goodness you’d press into the tin when baking a cheesecake which is, as far as we’re concerned, the best bit.

  • Naturally sweetened with dates, that are also rich in antioxidants and fibre
  • Cashews and cashew butter provide healthy fats and proteins, providing instant energy, helping to keep hunger at bay
  • Refined sugar free with NO sugar alcohols
  • Naturally free from dairy, gluten and soy
  • Plant-based and grain free

Only 4 ingredients and nothing else!


Dates, Cashew Butter (from 100% Roasted Cashew Nuts), Organic Coconut, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, Nothing Else!