Block Blue Light Twilight Red Light Bulb - E14 (Small Screw)

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Non-members: $29.95
Members price: $26.66 JOIN TO SAVE ($3.29) 10% Off
  • Zero Blue/Green Light
  • Relaxing Sunset Red light
  • Perfect for Bedrooms
  • Maximise Sleep Quality

Twilight bedtime bulbs are the most optimal lighting to use in the even hours prior to bed and during the night. Featuring BBL's relaxing red-light spectrum, this bulb is specially designed to maximise melatonin levels and help you sleep better. Guaranteed to be 100% blue AND green light free.


Red Light: The Key to a Peaceful Night's Sleep

In the realm of restful slumber, the relationship between blue light and sleep is far from harmonious. Enter the Twilight Red Light Bulb, the ultimate solution for creating a tranquil ambiance in reading nooks, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any evening space where bedtime beckons.

Shielding your eyes from blue and green light is just the beginning. Beyond the visual spectrum, your skin's interaction with these disruptive lights during the night can seriously interfere with your sleep and circadian rhythms.

The BlockBlueLight Twilight Bulb goes above and beyond, boasting an impressive trifecta: it's 100% free from both blue and green light, has zero flicker, and emits low EMF.

BBL's groundbreaking proprietary spectrum technology ensures that the LED light emitted by the Twilight Bulb is entirely devoid of sleep-disrupting blue and green wavelengths, paving the way for the most restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Designed explicitly for your pre-sleep routine, the Twilight Bulb perfectly mimics the warm hues of a deep orange to red sunset, priming your brain for the upcoming slumber. It's the ideal choice when you're ready to wind down and signal to your body that it's time to rest.

But it's not just about the blues; it's also about the greens.

The BlockBlueLight Twilight Bulb has been meticulously engineered to eliminate 100% of not only blue light but green light as well. Emerging research highlights the substantial impact of green light on melatonin production and overall sleep quality. To ensure that your sleep environment remains free of any sleep-disturbing hues, you must block both blue and green light.

Key Features of the Twilight Red Light Bulb:

Blue & Green Light Blocker: Blocks 100% of sleep-disrupting blue and green light.
Flicker-Free: Provides steady, eye-friendly illumination without flickering.
Low EMF: Emits minimal electromagnetic fields for a healthier sleep environment.
Sunset Ambiance: Mimics a calming sunset's warm, red-orange hues to prep for sleep.
Sleep Quality Focus: Designed for optimal sleep in bedrooms and relaxation spaces.
Whats the difference between the Twilight Bedtime Bulb and the SweetDreams Bulb?

BBL crafted the SweetDreams Bulb with versatility in mind, making it an excellent all-purpose lighting choice to replace most 40w and 60w bulbs in your home. It bathes your spaces in soothing warmth while banishing 100% of the detrimental blue light. Swapping out your standard bulbs for SweetDreams Bulbs is an effective way to infuse your home with a cozy, amber glow while safeguarding your family from the harmful effects of blue light.

In contrast, the Twilight Red Light Bulb is your go-to for those moments when you desire softer, dimmer lighting. Not only does it banish all traces of blue light, but it also eliminates green light. Perfect for reading lamps, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any area where you unwind during the last few hours before bedtime, these bulbs provide ample illumination for reading and seeing while casting a soothing, sunset-like, deep orange to red glow. They are the ultimate choice for those who prioritize their sleep quality. If you're truly serious about your sleep, these are the bulbs designed with you in mind!

Red light, especially in the tranquil hues of a sunset, is your ally in the pursuit of profound, uninterrupted sleep. Make the switch to the Twilight Red Light Bulb and bid adieu to restless nights, welcoming instead peaceful slumber and revitalised mornings.

Colour temperature: 1300k
Peak Wavelength: 630nm
Brightness: 400lm (40 Watt Equivalent)
Wavelengths blocked – 100% between 380-580nm
Dimming: Non Dimmable
Input voltage: 85v-260v 50/60Hz
Power consumption (watts): 5w
Size: D50mm x H92mm
Base: E14 (screw)
Certifications: CE, ROHS, SAA, RCM