BERKELO Sourdough Pasta Wholewheat Penne 400g

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Non-members: $7.95
Members price: $7.16 JOIN TO SAVE ($0.79) 9% Off
STORY: With origins in Ancient Egypt, in 9700 BC Emmer was one of the first cereals to be domesticated in Levant (modern day parts of the Middle East). It is an ancient member of the Farro family and like other ancient grains is high in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.

VARIETY: Durum (Triticum Durum) + Lancer wheat

TASTE: Sweet, nutty, nutrient-rich... that beautiful depth of flavour that comes with consuming the whole grain

BEST PAIRED WITH: tomato & basil sauce, puttanesca

FARMED BY: Greg Morris & Family

ORIGIN: Tuppence Farm, Gooli NSW

PROCESS: Stoneground flour with a large percentage of wholewheat, long fermentation, slow air-dried

This plastic free packaging is certified home compostable & commercially compostable so that it can be returned to nature after use.

Certified sustainable stoneground durum wheat flour, certified sustainable whole-wheat flour, sourdough starter.