Barbell Foods Sea Salt Mini Meat Sticks 100g



Our sea salt meat sticks are for those who want to keep it plain and simple.

Only spiced with sea salt, it's perfect for those following the carnivore diet.

It's also a great snack for the kids if they find our other meat stick flavours too spicy.

Cut into bite-size pieces, our meat sticks are made to be eaten on the go - freeing up more time for the things you love.

Wild kangaroo (>60%), organic grass-fed & finished Australian beef brisket, gluten-free white vinegar, sea salt and collagen casing.

Free from preservatives, dairy, gluten and soy, our sea salt droëwors has a 12 month best before date and is best kept in the pantry or fridge.

Regenerative agriculture is a method of farming which improves the health of the land by absorbing carbon back into the soil rather than our atmosphere.

Whenever possible, we source our beef from farmers practising regenerative agriculture, who manage their cattle holistically - helping to rejuvenate the land and ensure future harvests.