Poppy and Daisy

Poppy and Daisy Ladybird Rocks Mini Eco Bags

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Give children a chance to be creative with the Ladybird Rocks Mini Eco Bags!

Inspired by nature, each bag includes enough supplies to paint 3 little ladybirds. After creating their ladybird family, they can be hidden outside to bring joy to others who may find them. Or, children can enjoy playing with the ladybirds at home.

If you are planning to hide them outside, we recommend you weatherproof them with varnish or a layer of PVA glue (not included).


Helen Rogan, a super conscious Mama Bear, named her heart-filled company after her precious two daughters. She had the realisation that her own childhood was filled with a lot less plastic, less technology and A LOT more hands-on creativity – imaginative play in nature. Wanting to bring that simple joy to her own children’s life as well as to the world: Poppy and Daisy was born.

We are obsessed with the earthy, grounded feel of each of these delights. Each one exploding your heart open, allowing you to come back to how kids toys are meant to look and feel like. Enjoy sharing these wonders with your loved ones; we sure do.

Kits are not suitable for children under 3 as they contains small parts.

We always recommend adult supervision at all times and for children to be 5 years and over.