Kale Brock

Mandy Microbe's Big Gut Adventure by Kale Brock


Mandy and her one trillion friends live a happy life in Jack’s gut. They’ve done so for 10 years now, since Jack was born!

Mandy loves Jack and thinks he is the best host ever! He feeds his microbes with a bunch of fibre from different whole foods every day, her favourite is Jack’s Mum’s home-made granola with raspberries – yum!

But when Jack goes to a birthday party, Mandy and her friends have their world turned upside down with foods she’s never seen before. Her friends run away, and a new tribe take over; the dreaded Candies.

After investigating, Mandy finds out that the future depends on her quest to find her friends, bring them back and to restore Jack’s gut to it’s regular environment… but she has a long way to go…

Mandy Microbe’s Big Gut Adventure is a world’s first being the only book focused on teaching, metaphorically, principles of gut health. By harnessing the compelling method of story and providing relatable, colourful characters throughout the book, Mandy Microbe’s Big Gut Adventure takes away the challenge of teaching gut health lessons to children in an entertaining & compelling adventure.


Suitable for 6-10 year old (independent reading) or younger when read by a parent.

As seen in Australia’s Childhood Health Crisis

When you think of your A team, this guy really needs to be included. Undeniably a generous old soul, Kale Brock has explored his heart and the world of what truly goes into making this life worth living.

To bring to you Kale’s creations is an honour. These books will enrich yours and your loved one’s lives. We cannot wait to bask in what this fun-filled, light-seeker brings to the world next.