Loco Love

Loco Love Mylk Chocolate Drops


Silk smooth Vegan and refined sugar free Mylk chocolate drops.

Loco Love have created these silky smooth, organic, couverture chocolate drops purely to inspire and indulge you. You're so welcome!

Made for next-level baking, melting, decorating, and most likely snacking. As always gluten free, organic, refined sugar free (only 4.3g coconut sugar per serve).


~ Peruvian cacao paste
~ coconut milk powder
~ tapioca fibre
~ dehydrated coconut blossom nectar
~ Peruvian cacao butter
~ sunflower lecithin
~ vanilla bean powder
~ cacao solids 40% This product may contain traces of milk solids
and or/other tree nuts

*All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted
Some ingredients may be processed in a facility that manufactures milk products

Who doesn’t love an epic bar of chocolate? Loco Love have taken the word ‘epic’ and raised the bar my friends!

A husband and wife team from Byron Bay have loving created this chocolate heaven. What was important for us was high quality ingredients and, of course, a flavour that makes you close your eyes and have a moment with your taste buds.

Loco Love hit all of this, as well as showing us a whole new world that we want ….. nay, need in our lives. Jam packed with the finest organic, plant-based and nourishing ingredients, these delights go over and beyond to revitalise your taste buds, hormones and beautiful gut lining.

Not to mention the unique blends of superfoods, tonic herbs and healing spices. This new-age alchemy, sweet cacao sorcery is successfully bringing inspired moments into your day. Encouraging each of us to rest and indulge in a moment of delicious and guiltless love; Loco Love.