KOOSHOO Plastic-Free Hair Ties Ginger (Organic) 5 pack



  • Made from 100% biodegradable materials

  • 5 neutral, go-with-everything shades per pack

  • Non-pulling, creaseless, built to last and elegant

  • Ethically made in India in a GOTS & Fair Trade certified facility

  • One size fits all


Seven years ago they created the world's first plastic-free hair ties. This brand new Ginger pack is the culmination of seven years of tweaking and testing, all leading to this exciting point.

These Hair Ties feature 20% more stretch than their last generation of Hair Ties, are now dyed using certified organic dye and have their signature combination of strength and softness that have seen these lauded by Goop, New York Magazine, Allure and so many more.

They are the best hair ties they've ever made and we're certain you'll agree.

They're so proud to make these plastic-free hair elastics in a Fair Trade certified social-good garment facility. The facility is owned and operated by nuns and all profits are currently used to support a cancer treatment facility for those who would otherwise not have access to care.

Buying these biodegradable hair ties means supporting organic farming, fair trade labor and environmental protection. It's a vote for the world you want to see. Best of all, you get a product that's built to last, looks awesome as a wristband and performs in your hair day in, day out!