KOOSHOO Plastic-Free Hair Scrunchies Moon Shadow (Organic) 2 pack

$15.00 $27.00
$15.00 $27.00you save $12.00


  • World's first 100% fair trade plastic-free scrunchies

  • Ships to you in plastic-free packaging

  • Designed to last in your hair but not in a landfill

  • Fits most wrists

  • You're going to absolutely love them :)


While they may have been inspired by scrunchies of the eighties, these 100% fair trade, plastic-free and biodegradable scrunchies are truly a product of the twenty-twenties. Accountable to people and planet at every stage of their life cycle, they are a waste-free solution built for a generation that expects better.

A soft-as-silk organic cotton outer is gentle and breathable in your hair while our world-renowned plastic-free hair ties act as the inner elastic, ensuring an all-day, all-comfort hold. Just the right amount of scrunch provides volume and flair while the sophisticated and understated colors of moon gray and shadow black will complement and enhance any outfit.