KOOSHOO Plastic-Free Hair Scrunchies Black Olive (Organic) 2 pack


  • World's first 100% fair trade plastic-free scrunchies

  • Ships to you in plastic-free packaging

  • Designed to last in your hair but not in a landfill

  • Fits most wrists

  • You're going to absolutely love them :)


+ Improves brain function, mental clarity and immune resilience

+ Increases nutrient absorption when paired with other foods

+ Rejuvenates skin and promotes new cell growth, improving skin tone and elasticity

+ Boosts metabolism through hormone regulating properties

+ Assists with collagen production for gut health and reduced inflammation

+ Source of good fats and magnesium

+ Boosts the cardiovascular system

While they may have been inspired by scrunchies of the eighties, these 100% fair trade, plastic-free and biodegradable scrunchies are truly a product of the twenty-twenties. Accountable to people and planet at every stage of their life cycle, they are a waste-free solution built for a generation that expects better.

A silky soft organic cotton outer is gentle and breathable in your hair while our world-renowned plastic-free hair ties act as the inner elastic, ensuring an all-day, all-comfort hold. Just the right amount of scrunch provides volume and flair while the black and olive tones provide sophistication and styling options for everywhere from the gym to the dancefloor.


The use of Cacao has a rich history, interwoven into many facets of the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. Cacao was so important to the Mayan culture that it was not only reserved for the rich and powerful, but accessible and regularly consumed by everyone in their society. Cacao was treated as a sacred food and a social centrepiece, used to accompany rituals, treat illness and has even been used as a currency.

To this day, the growing of chocolate is an important cultural practice and family tradition for many indigenous groups. Ninety percent of the world’s chocolate today is grown on small family farms of 25 acres or less.


Our Cacao Butter is organically cultivated in its original Mesoamerican habitat from the most revered of Cacao trees, the ‘Criollo’.

After sustainably harvesting, mature cacao pods are removed from the tree by hand, split open and the seeds are scooped out to be fermented for a week at temperatures below 40C. This low temperature fermentation process reduces phytic acid, while maintaining the Cacao bean’s nutritional properties, making it easier to digest and allowing a more efficient mineral absorption.

After fermentation, the beans are then dried under the sun and broken into small crunchy nibs. The nibs are then ground to create a paste which contains both the fat (Cacao Butter) and the solids (Cacao Powder). The paste is then pressed to separate the two, resulting in the final Cacao Butter product which is 100% fat.

Cell Squared Cacao Butter is 100% raw and unaltered in any way and free from GMO’s.