EcoTan Tan Remover Glove

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Tan Remover Glove; what a little miracle worker!

An eco tribe cult favourite!


Tan Remover Glove is an exfoliating mitt and absolute essential in our tanning range!

This exfoliating body mitt can be used as a dry body buff, with body scrubs such as this Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub to reveal your smoothest skin yet.

This Tan Remover Glove is a little miracle worker!

Use for exfoliating glove on ingrown hairs, flaky dry skin and rough, uneven skin.



Kirsty has used EcoTan products for some time and was touched to learn the story behind the creation of the first EcoTan product.

Sonya, the owner, and her sister (who had at this time had a melanoma cut out, leaving a big scar) wanted to pamper themselves without the harmful rays of the sun. Getting spray tans together, they both quickly became concerned about all the chemicals they were spraying on their bods. Sonya became creative in her kitchen and used everyday food items to create her first tanning cream. We love that she got her loved ones to be her test dummies; finally settling on a recipe that is now enjoyed by us all and creates gorgeous glowing humans with zero negative effects globally. Go girl!

This impressive company is certified organic, accredited with a toxic free status, vegan and cruelty free. The amount of charities they are involved with are mind boggling. Ecotan are creating waves globally with gorgeous products that are wrapped in ethics and morals.

“I want to encourage women that no matter how dark your world turns, never give up and know you are worthy, strong and have value!” Sonya Driver