Cymbiotika Infant D3

Infant D3 may help with the following:
  • Healthy immunological development
  • Healthy brain health and cognitive development
  • Healthy strong teeth & bones

Ages 0-12 months

Vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in the growth and development of babies. It helps strengthen the immune system, promotes strong teeth and bones, helps them adapt to changes and stress, and supports healthy brain development. Our Infant D3 formula features Organic Coconut MCT Oil and vegan lichen-sourced vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 (Lichen)
A trademarked form of plant-based D3.

Vitamin D3 is essential for healthy growth and development of babies. It helps strengthen the bones and muscles, boosts immune function, improves mood and energy levels, reduces inflammation, and improves heart function.


Vitamin D3 (Lichen), Organic Coconut MCT Oil

For infants, 0.5 mL (5 drops) daily, or as directed by your pediatrician or healthcare professional.*

Before taking or providing this product or any other dietary supplement to your children, please consult a qualified healthcare professional and always seek his or her advice with respect to any questions you may have concerning any medical condition.