Breath Pearls

Breath Pearls Breath Freshener Original 50 & 150



Breath Pearls Original works from the inside out and doesn’t affect the taste of food or alcohol.

If you love food but worry about the effects on your breath, try Breath Pearls Original for long lasting fresh breath.
The breath fresher you swallow!

• Long lasting
• Natural
• Fights bad breath!


Breath Pearls are an all natural softgel capsule that contain 20mg of peppermint oil and 15mg of parsley oil.

In Western Herbal Medicine, peppermint is traditionally used as a calming and antispasmodic for GI tract discomfort and parsley is traditionally used to freshen breath. When taken in softgel form, they do not affect the taste of your food or drink.

They can fight bad breath for up to 4 hours.

Take 1 to 2 capsules as needed with water.

Peppermint oil 20mg, parsley seed oil 16mg, gelatine capsule

Gluten Free
Dairy Free

Wanting a healthier alternative to chewing gum and all the nasties that come along with it, including but not exclusive to aspartame (proven to be connected to cancer) we came across these Breath Pearls.

The breath-fresher you swallow; this capsule of all-natural oils helps fight bad breath.

Using mother nature to the max with a blend of peppermint oil to freshen and parsley oil to soothe. This powerful little ball packs a punch to the breath with no downsides to your precious gut lining. WINNER!!!

You’ll find the small packet in both of our bags, while the large we use as refills. Thanks for the healthy alternative Breath Pearls.