Bodywell Radiation Protection Chip


Proven to minimise all risks of radiation harm.

The dangers of mobile phone radiation are under ongoing scientific investigation. Talk safely on any phone and work and play safely on any device with Bodywell Chip- the natural answer to mobile phone radiation.

The Bodywell Chip is scientifically-proven to reduce cellphone radiation without interfering with your mobile phone reception or functionality.

The Bodywell Chip fits directly on any mobile phone/iPad or Tablet of any size. It's only 0.3mm thick, so will fit under most protective phone cases. It's easy peel-and-place application.


    • All-Natural: Bodywell is imprinted with an all-natural process that counter cell phone radiation.
    • Durable: The Bodywell Chip sticks directly to your phone and is designed to last the lifespan of your mobile phone.
    • MobileTek: The Bodywell Chip is powered by the proprietary MobileTek technology, which is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to cellphone radiation. 
    • Intelligent: Whether your cellphone has full signal or is using max power to find one, your Bodywell Chip will provide the appropriate frequency to reduce radiation absorption.

Technology is a pivotal part of our lives these days. We want to be able to enjoy the benefits that this brings, whilst supporting and protecting ourselves as much as possible.

These chips can be put on mobiles, iPads, laptops, computers, wi-fi routers or anything else that transmits electro-magnetic waves, which reduces the impact on your body, without affecting your reception.

Bodywell is a Swiss owned technology company, powered by the proprietary Mobiletek technolog. They base their product development on science, taking into account that, which is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to cellphone radiation.