BioBag World Australia 30L Roll of Waste Bags


Completely compostable bags perfect for lining your kitchen food scraps bin.

These bags are made using sustainably sourced plant starch and as such compost in a well-functioning composting environment just like any other plant will.

25 bags per roll


BioBag liners and sacks offer easy and hygienic solutions for households and commercial kitchens. They are also a more environmentally sustainable option to replace regular plastic bags anywhere a bin liner or sack is used.

These breathable bags and sacks come in a number of types and sizes to satisfy a wide range of needs.

Being challenged by the notion of putting fully compostable items in a non-compostable bag to be disposed of, our search lead us to Bio Bags. Unlike their biodegradable friends (that just create microplastics that can end up in our oceans and food chain) Bio Bags are FULLY compostable, breaking down like plants, returning to the ground to grow more plants.