Baxter Blue

Baxter Blue Lola Crystal

$64.95 $89.00
$64.95 $89.00you save $24.05

The Look:Elegant / Sophisticated / Inspired

Quality: Lightweight handcrafted frames made from custom cellulose acetate with premium spring hinges for an improved fit.

Fit: Medium

Size: 50-19-145


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting glasses as it’s really a personal decision however glasses should frame your face, following the brow line. When it comes to face shapes, our rounder frames look better on squarer faces and square frames more balanced on rounder faces. Not sure of the shape of your face? Simply look at your jaw line in the mirror, or better still, use our virtual try-on located on each product page and watch how the different styles frame your face.

Stick to your natural tone and colouring for a less obvious look (fairer hair and skin go well with Lane or Harper in crystal), or make a bold statement with a matt or gloss finish in Havana or Black - the choice is yours.

If your still unsure of which size is right for you, If you look on a pair of your sunglasses these measurements will be indicated on the inside of the arms of your glasses.

The negative effects of excessive blue light on our systems are now undeniable and have been scientifically supported.

Playing around with the best way to combat this Kirsty and Catherine found many glasses to allow them to keep living the life they wanted/needed, whilst looking after the effects on their sleep and delicious hormones.

However, all of these solutions were with bright orange, green and yellow lens. Being real, although this brought a few laughs, there was no way these were going to be worn so the challenge continued.

Until they stumbled across the legends that are Baxter Blue that fit their stylish needs. Even though they had an initial concern that the glasses only filter out 50% of blue light, the results where irrefutable. Therefore, becoming a valuable accessory whilst on the computer or whilst trying to look super cute (And killing it FYI 😉 ).

Partnering with RestoringVision, Baxter Blues are making an incredible difference in countries around the world. Every pair of blue blocking glasses they sell, they provide a person in need with a pair of reading glasses. You rock Baxter Blues!!!!