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Amazing nature-inspired paint kit: multi-purpose, natural and eco-friendly paints for all kinds of art, craft, and play activities!

Natural Eco Paints are a game changer – yes, they are plant-derived paint powders that come to life when you add water but they are so much more than that. Our 8 colour range of paint powders, which are coloured with vegetables, roots, seeds and flowers, can also be used to colour homemade sensory bases: playdough, potions, slime, oobleck and sensory rice – you will get bang for your buck with this multi-purpose art product and the environment will love you too as it is 98% home compostable.

Kit contains: 8 x 50g plant-based powdered paint including black, brown, purple, blue, green, red, orange, and yellow, custom designed vegan bristle birch paint brush, compostable mixing containers, spoons and stirrers (sustainable timber – FSC certified).

Each kit makes up to 2 litres of gluten free paint 🌈

Winner of the SILVER medal in the Kids Activities 2+ category of the 2022 Clean + Conscious Awards

Natural Eco Paints…what makes them unique?

PLANT BASED: natural eco paints are made from 100% plant ingredients. The colour range is derived from plant, vegetable, root, seed, and flower pigments. All art mediums are vegan, gluten free, nut free and dairy free making them a safe alternative. They are also free from non-renewable mined clay and micas which are commonly used to colour ‘eco-friendly’ art products.

NON-TOXIC: the best part is that that these paints are 100% non-toxic – free from synthetic colours and chemicals. Natural eco paints are food grade so if they do make their way into little mouths they are completely safe.

ECO PACKAGING: BIODEGRADABLE, COMPOSTABLE AND RECYCLABLE: this is one of the most exciting parts of natural eco paints – the whole kit and its contents are either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable – a tick for sustainability! 98% of the kit is home compostable.

HANDMADE IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA: part of the eco crayons ethos and mission is to make natural and non-toxic art mediums locally, all products are lovingly handmade from scratch in South Australia.

The Eco Art and Craft difference: no paraffin, no palm oil, no beeswax, no mined micas or clays, no synthetic colours, gluten free and vegan

Adult supervision is required. Kit is not suitable for 0-3 years due to small parts – the paint itself is safe for children under 3 years.

An art smock should be worn: some colours may stain – it’s only natural!



My name is Naomi Parsons, I am the woman behind the Eco Crayons brand. I am a mum, a teacher, a business owner and a creative soul. My vision for 100% plant based and truly non-toxic crayons and art mediums was born whilst watching my daughter, Arleena, and my students chew on crayons and other drawing tools from a young age, often with synthetic colours leeching, staining their skin and causing irritation. This was the birth of eco crayons.

I began researching what was in commercial non-toxic art products. The use of pigments containing heavy metals, paraffin (from petroleum), synthetic oxides and micas, plastics and asbestos particles alarmed me. As a parent and a teacher I want to know that the children in my circles are using safe art mediums to draw, paint, and explore.

Here is when the endless nights of reading and experimenting began. I can now, because of my passion for the experimentation process and ‘perfecting’ formulas and belief in myself, offer an eco-friendly alternative. One that I am happy to let my daughter chew! Watch this space for the full range of eco friendly, 100% plant based, non-toxic art mediums to be released.