What’s the ‘tail’ behind Gelatin? What is Gelatin?

What’s the ‘tail’ behind Gelatin? What is Gelatin?

Jivita Lifestyler

Did you know gelatin is derived from collagen? Read further in our blog “What’s the buzz about collagen?

It comes from collagen that has been broken down. When stock is made, the collagen in the bones, breaks down and gelatin is born. If you make stock, sometimes you see that it is jelly-like…. that’s thanks to gelatin.

Sources of gelatin.

The sources of gelatin must be high on your “radar list”. Gelatin can be derived from either bovine or fish. Both are awesome. However, it is important that the bovine be grass fed and pasture raised, preferably from organic sources and the fish from wild sources. If you do, you avoid GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, glyphosate and any other nasties that may contribute to raising an unhealthy animal. When you are eating such a concentrate, quality is king!

Read the labels.

It can be difficult working this out from reading the label. Labels do not always disclose all this information.

Yipee…. Jivita has come to your rescue. We have researched our sources.

Thankfully Nourished gelatin and Changing Habits gelatin are 2 of the tops. Our Changing Habits gelatin comes from a 5th Generation family-owned business in Europe, this business is recognised for its high standards. Our Thankfully Nourished gelatin comes from Australian beef cattle that are grass-fed and free-range. It is guaranteed to be GMO and Glyphosate free.

What are the benefits of gelatin and how to use it?

To discover the benefits of gelatin and some ways to add gelatin into your day, explore our blogs.

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