What’s the Buzz about Collagen?

What’s the Buzz about Collagen?

Jivita Lifestyler

Been hearing people adding collagen to everything recently? Seems you’re curious enough to be here, so let’s explain why this is a must-have in every diet.

So let’s buzz around collagen

Collagen is already in your beautiful bod, it is one of the most important proteins you have.

It is like a glue that binds you together. Your skin, gut, joints, connective tissues, bones, cartilage, teeth, hair and nails all depend upon this epic protein.

How can you promote and “pimp” your own collagen production in a HEALTHY way?

Collagen powders tend to be in the form of collagen hydrolysate. These odourless and tasteless powders are easy for the body to absorb – making them great to consume. Your body assimilates them efficiently and quickly, allowing them to perform their magic.

But wait, how do you determine the epic powders from the not-so-epic ones?

Not all collagen powders are created equally. High quality is imperative!

Collagen can be derived from all animals, but more commonly either bovine or fish. Both are awesome. However, it is important that the bovine be grass fed and pasture raised, preferably from organic sources and the fish from wild sources. If you do, you avoid GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, glyphosate and any other nasties that may contribute to raising an unhealthy animal. When you are eating such a concentrate, quality is king!

Read the labels.

It can be difficult working this out from reading the label. Labels do not always disclose all this information.

Yippee…. Jivita has come to your rescue.

We have researched ALL of our sources.

Our Thankfully Nourished bovine collagen comes from Germany, where the beef cattle are grass-fed and are guaranteed to be GMO and Glyphosate free. Thankfully Nourished’s marine collagen is sourced from sustainable, wild-caught Alaskan cod and is free from heavy metals, GMO and radiation. And best of all they are tasteless.

To discover the benefits of collagen and some ways to add collagen into your day, explore our blogs.

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